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ClearBlu provides end-to-end water treatment products, design, building, and management for any size project!

ClearBlu Environmental is a full service water treatment company specializing in using best of class green technologies to treat industrial waste water. ClearBlu provides expertise in solving the toughest discharge problems, as well as cleaning up water for reuse applications.

ClearBlu provides amazing benefits for:
Breweries & Wineries

1ClearBlu installs the most effective winery wastewater systems available. We are a design/build contractor. Utilizing biodigester technology, our capital costs for systems are significantly lower than other systems.

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Food Processors

2Food processors generally discharge very large quantities of waste water. Most discharge streams contain high quantities of organic matter creating high BOD, TSS and TDS counts. ClearBlu can typically reduce BOD and TSS by 85% to 97%. With non-chemical sterilization, we can make your waste water usable for cleaning, irrigation and dust control.

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Equipment Washbays

3ClearBlu builds complete washbay solutions for heavy equipment dealers, construction companies, agricultural users, rental yards, municipalities, garbage companies, school districts, auto dealers and a host of other industries. We provide the cleanest, freshest smelling reclaimed washwater, and provide water that meets all requirements for discharge.

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4Tired of the high recurring costs of coagulants and flocculants? Tired of high maintenance costs and high waste hauler costs for your solids? ClearBlu can reduce your costs by removing solids and metals with non-floccing technology that actually oxides heavy metals. Learn about Electro-Coagulation Technology.

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